Air humidification systems / Evaporative cooling

Climatech Trading Co.

Al Ulaya Street, Riyadh 12611-2481
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 11 217 0020
Mob: +966 56 940 0533

Climatech Company specializes in Air Humidification, Evaporative cooling and Solar Water Heating. Climatech is an expert with more than 2 decades in this market. Equipped with a qualified staff of Engineers, Technicians and Administrators to provide you with the best products and services, Climatech is a leader in its field.

Direct room humidification / Outdoor cooling / De-humidification

ASPAR Engineering

Office # 03, 1st Floor, Al Othman Building # 6709,
Unit # 307, Othman Bin Affan Street
Al Falah Dist., Riyadh 13314-2571 - KSA
Saudi Arabia

Contact: Shadi Abdulrahim
Tel: +966 (55) 298 69 33

Aspar Engineering does represent Condair in Saudi Arabia as a specialist for Direct room humidification, Outdoor cooling systems as well as De-humidification systems. ASPAR will offer, together with the specialists of Condair, advice and support to all interested parties when it comes to projects for the above-mentioned applications.