JetSpray Compact low capacity air & water spray humidifier

The JetSpray Compact is an easy-to install, direct room humidifier for areas that need up to 30kg/h. As it is preassembled, it does not require installation of additional nozzles or associated pipework.

Operation with compressed air gives very reliable performance, in dusty industrial environments, without any risk of drips. This makes the JetSpray Compact ideal for use in sectors such as textile, tea, food, tobacco and printing.

As well as reliable operation, advanced hygiene features ensure the humidifier provides safe humidification. Water treatment and flush and drain cycles minimise the risk of microbial growth in the system.

The JetSpray Compact can operate on mains water as well as softened or RO water. This means it provides very efficient water consumption, when compared to humidifiers that need RO water.

Features and benefits

  • Fully assembled unit makes installation easy
  • Provides up to 30kg/h of humidification, which is ideal for small industrial areas
  • The use of compressed air prevents drips
  • Can be operated on mains, softened or RO water
  • Nozzles can be directionally adjusted horizontally and vertically

User-friendly design

An IP54 rated cabinet, with fully removeable door, allows unhindered access for servicing and maintenance. All electricals are stored in a separate compartment above the water and air pipes.

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