Condair RM low capacity resistive steam humidifier

This resistive steam humidifier is available in models with outputs of 2-8kg/h. It is the ideal solution for applications that need low capacity steam humidification with the efficient performance of resistive heater technology.

The benefits of resistive heating include a cleanable rather than replaceable boiling chamber and the abilty to operate on mains or RO water, scale build-up is significantly reduced along with the need for servicing.

The Condair RM can provide steam humidification to a duct or air handling unit. An intelligent water control system allows drain cycles to be programmed according to water quality. When run on high mineral water, drain cycles can be more frequent to reduce service requirements, and when operated on low mineral water can be extended to save water and energy.

At just 470mm wide, 350mm high and 150mm deep, the Condair RM is very compact in size. It can be wall or floor mounted, with an optional stand and side entry pipework connections.

Features and benefits

  • Capacities from 2 to 8kg/h with full modulation through output range
  • Very compact and economic resistive steam humidifier
  • Can be operated on mains or RO water
  • Ideal for zonal control on branch ducts, CRAC units and MRI suites
  • Touch screen control panel and can be linked to BMS (Modbus)

Small yet powerful

The Condair RM has a compact size but very efficient performance with its resistive heating technology. It offers close control and requires very few consumable parts.

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